2021 Caring Contact’s Mission is More Important Than Ever

19 Jan 2021 Caring Contact’s Mission is More Important Than Ever

“Our mission is more important than ever,” writes Janet Sarkos, the Executive Director of Caring Contact in an open letter of support to the community:

To the Caring Contact Community, and those we serve,

We are all experiencing a complicated mixture of feelings after the events in Washington DC. Needless to say, it’s been a troubling time in our nation.

As our mission states, “at Caring Contact, we are devoted to promoting emotional wellbeing and preventing emotional crises by providing opportunities for people to express themselves to compassionate listeners in a safe environment. We respond to the need for human interaction and create opportunities for people to help each other.”

This mission is more important than ever. We hope that by providing an outlet for people to vent, we can support all those who feel threatened or angry after the attacks and, in addition, we can do our part in diffusing those who would act out violently toward themselves or others. We promise to continue fulfilling our mission and taking care of all members of our community. We encourage those who need to be heard to reach out to our safe space.

Please take care of yourselves and those around you.