How to help

There are so many ways you can give support and help people live emotionally better lives.

Our volunteers come from all walks of life and are all ages. Volunteers are students, parents, business professionals and retirees. In addition to psychology or counseling majors, they are business managers, health administrators, sales people, computer programmers, engineers, scientists, real estate agents, police officers, teachers, government workers, accountants, financial planners, lawyers, human resource professionals and many other professions.

Please join us.

Call Caring Contact
One student, too young to volunteer, but very passionate about this cause, took our ASIST class. She was so positively influenced that she worked to bring a mini-version of the training back to her peers at Westfield High School.

"The ASIST course has not only supplied me with new and proper methods of helping others but has opened up my perspective on mental health and the importance of sustaining one’s mental health as a whole."
—16-year old student

Volunteer as a Listener

Make a difference in people’s lives when they are distressed, in crisis or feeling suicidal. Research shows a decrease in feelings of emotional distress and suicide both during and following calls to a crisis hotline, with continuing decreases in crisis states, hopelessness and psychological pain in the following weeks.

As a Listener for Caring Contact, you will:

• Receive nationally certified training that will prepare you to be a more empathetic listener.
• Learn communications skills that will prove valuable to you in any situation in your life.
• Become part of a supportive community of volunteers – all making a difference.
• Feel great about yourself.


If being a listener isn’t for you, you can help people in crisis in a number of others ways, including marketing and fundraising.

• Create a stronger community network by sharing Caring Contact as an educational resource in your community. Call our office at (908) 301-1899 for more information.
• Spread the word about us and bring in life-saving financial resources through our fundraising efforts.
• Sponsor a suicide prevention class in your school, club or faith community by collaborating with the staff at Caring Contact.


Our volunteers are answering more calls than ever. Thanks to YOU, they are prepared to respond, no matter the reason for the call. Your gift ensures they are trained, supported, and appreciated as they take dozens of calls a day from scared, anxious, and isolated people.

Just $22 pays for one call to Caring Contact, and we could not do this work without YOU.