Teenage Suicide Prevention

Learning to Prevent Teenage Suicide

Designed for parents and teaching staff at elementary, middle and high schools, Learning to Prevent Teenage Suicide will help participants:

  • Open a dialogue about suicide with teens.
  • Identify the risk factors of teens at risk of suicide.
  • Develop the skills to support youth in emotional distress; actively listening, asking directly about suicide and intervening when needed.
  • Access to suicide prevention resources.

This training is designed by a doctor of psychology specializing in childhood trauma and a certified Master ASIST Trainer, and is taught by a certified Master ASIST Trainer.

Fully complies with NJSA 18A:6-111 requiring all public school teaching staff members to complete two hours of instruction in suicide prevention.

$500 per group session. (No minimum/maximum participants. Group size may vary.)

To learn more about or to register for Learning to Prevent Teenage Suicide, please contact us.

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