Suicide Awareness & Intervention Training

Learn about the many different signs indicating that someone may be at risk of suicide.

Discover the specific steps to intervening and saving lives.

This powerful and clearly communicated training is designed to enhance your skills and confidence to intervene with those having thoughts of suicide or engaging in suicidal behavior. The course is taught by Caring Contact’s Training Director who is a certified Master Trainer in Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training and Mental Health First Aid for Adults & Youth.

In this 2-hour training, which can be provided at your organization’s location or via Zoom video conferencing, participants will learn to:

• Identify risk factors of someone in crisis
• Understand protective factors against suicide
• “Ask clearly and directly” and open a dialogue about suicide with someone in crisis
• Actively listen to individuals in crisis
• Access emergency resources when necessary

The training is $500 per 2-hour group session (No minimum/maximum participants. Group size may vary.) For organizations that need help covering the cost, we may have sponsorship opportunities from community partners.

Since January 2018, Caring Contact has trained more than 4,400 students, retirees, first responders, parents, educators and business professionals. Our volunteers not only support our callers but each other as well.

For more information, call Mary Claire Givelber at (908) 301-1899 or email

Join the growing list of universities and colleges, high schools, social service organizations, businesses & corporations, and religious & community groups who have already benefited from this training.

“This was phenomenal! I gained so much knowledge and insight that could aid in my ability to help a person at risk. I feel more confident. Thank you!”

—Cranford School District employee

“The statistics in the training were incredibly alarming, but it definitely opens our eyes to the risk rates. It brings this reality to the forefront and makes me more aware that this could happen to anyone I love or care for.”

—YWCA of Union County employee

“I feel like I have tangible resources and knowledge to help. I feel more enabled and empowered to help. I’m encouraged to hear others and know of this supportive community. I am much more aware about the topic now.”

—Workshop participant, Renaissance Church in Summit

“Very effective, eye-opening, usable information that made me feel more comfortable. The training gave me the actual language to use when approaching someone in pain.”

—Millburn Library community training participant

Everyone can help someone

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