Suicide Awareness

Suicide Awareness Training

Suicide Awareness, be aware of someone at risk

Learn to be aware of the signs of someone being at risk of suicide and what to do about it.

This training was designed by a doctor of psychology and a certified Master Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training instructor. It is taught by nationally certified Mental Health First Aid and Applied Suicide Intervention Skills trainers.

In this hour-long training, you will learn how to:

  • Open a dialogue about suicide with someone in crisis.
  • Identify the risk factors of someone in crisis.
  • Develop the skills to support these people, including active listening skills, asking directly about suicide and applying basic suicide intervention skills.
  • Access suicide prevention resources.

Suicide Awareness Training is ideal for parent meetings,  community group meetings and lunch and learns.

Course value: $300 / Group cost: $150. (No minimum/maximum participants. Group size may vary.)

To learn more about bringing a Suicide Awareness Training to your workplace or group meeting, please contact us.

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