Volunteer with Caring Contact

Volunteer as a Listener

You can make a difference in people's lives by being there to listen.
  • We respond to more than 13,000 calls each year.
  • Our listeners help give people the will to keep going and the support to seek out more resources.
I wanted to say thank you. Without you I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have went to the mental health and got help. I decided I really don't want to die. I wanted these bad feelings to die, not everything else – Caller
We provide comprehensive training and resources so you are prepared and supported when on the line.
  • We provide 54 hours of comprehensive training in active listening, Mental Health First Aid and suicide intervention. You also will go through 24 hours of internship with seasoned listeners before you are on the lines by yourself.
  • We teach best practices. Our Mental Health First Aid and Applied Suicide Intervention Skills training are both listed on the National Registry of Suicide Prevention Evidence-Based Practices.
  • Our trainers are both long-time listeners and nationally certified instructors in Mental Health First Aid and Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training.
  • Through our training, you become certified in Mental Health First Aid and Applied Suicide Intervention Skills.
What we do is very important. It takes training to be effective and Contact provides excellent training and preparation. That eases your nerves. - Listener Mark, student
I just wanted to thank you for all the work you do. I was a distraught 15-year-old when I made the call some years ago. The counselor I spoke to saved my life. - Caller
Our training gives you communication skills you can use in any situation throughout your life.

The most important part of communication is listening. With us you will learn active listening skills that can be used anywhere with anyone.

You learn to listen. I don't care if you’re teaching or trading or talking to someone over the phone, you have to be able to hear what they're saying. Sometimes it's sub-texted. - Listener Pat, human resources professional
You will feel great about yourself and what you are doing.
People say we must be very special because we go on the line with people in distress but I look at it as a gift to me. When you are on the line with someone who is depressed or suicidal, you walk away grateful you’re not making that call, grateful for what you have and grateful you can be there for them. You can’t give anyone anything better than being a caring, empathic listener. – Listener Laurie, retired teacher
It's been the most rewarding experience I could ever have imagined. Every time you pick up the phone you are going to help someone. It's one of the most amazing things I've ever done. – Listener John, designer
There is a sense of accomplishment. There’s also a huge sense of humility because you are speaking to people who in many cases are desperate and the time you give them may save a life or get them through the next hour, because some of them are living hour to hour. It’s amazing. – Listener Isabel, computer programmer
You become part of a volunteering Community.

Our volunteers not only support our callers but each other, as well.

I love it. I'm really happy I found the organization. I'm really proud to be working with such a strong group. People are really happy to help because we do a lot of great work. – Volunteer Lisa, computer programmer